sabato 16 ottobre 2010

WBD 10: The pork is into the bread

wbd 10 the pork is in

Here in my adoptive region, Lazio, "porchetta" is one of the most delightful, cholesteroholic, tasty things you can eat.
Is one of the most popular street food expecially in the enviroments of Rome.
Do you know Castelli Romani?
Just pork, gaarlic, fennel salt pepper and then into the oven till it has been caramelized, with a gold and crunchy crust served into a roll or two slices of durum wheat bread cooked into the wood stove.

It smells every saturday in my supermarket and attract me like honey and bee.

wbd 10 the pork is in

I'm working as radiologist in a quite big hospital in Rome and one night, working hard a colleague of mine, Calogero let me taste this bread.
He just used some whole wheat instead durum semolina like me.

I was falled in love with this bread that working night and this is the right occasion to show you and tell about the making of.

This is possible only thanks to Zorra that with this annual meeting has changed our foodblogger lives.

Pane e porchetta (the pork is in)

- 200 gr high gluten flour
- 100 gr durum wheat semolina
- 200 gr cold water
- 1 gr fresh yeast (in Italy the fresh one is very common, I think a pinch of dried yeast)
- 40 ml olive oil
- 1 ts salt
- 100 gr of porchetta chopped in small pieces

Mix flours water and yeast, knead and add olive oil, salt and porchetta.
Let the dough rest at least for 6 hours and then fold the dough in a particular way.
In Rome one of the most (or the most) pizzaiolo is Gabriele Bonci.

in this video from the fifth minute he explains how to fold this high hydrated dough.

Form the loaf, using a loaf pan if you want (I didn't) and let the loaf rest or at least 30 minute.
Then bake at the maximum heat (250°C) put the pan in the bottom of the oven or the first ten minutes and then reduce temperature to 200°C till it will be cooked.

Last but not least, do you like puzzles?

wbd 10 the pork is in

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Elga ha detto...

You are the brightest star in the sky!
Good Night my friend :D

enza ha detto...


Rosa's Yummy Yums ha detto...

A beautiful bread! Yummy.



La Gaia Celiaca ha detto...

a very amusing post! as usual...

Pane and borchetta... gnam! (this should be international, I hope)

Alessandra ha detto...

A friend from NZ came to see me in Italy and stayed with me for 3 weeks. Of course at our home she was vegetarian, but I took her out a lot to try the local specialties (she is a real carnivore!) like smoked sheep, selected hams and sausages, mixed animals on the spit, and of course porchetta. But I am afraid it wasn’t the porchetta that they do in Rome or Umbria, it was in Veneto and it taste a bit ‘blander’ there (from my memories, of course I didn’t eat it, but from the smell I could tell). Anyway, even with that ‘bland’ Venetian Porchetta she went mad, she looked like a drug addict, she keep going back for more, it was the most ‘porky’ and fantastic thing she had ever tasted and now she plans to make one here for this summer. Porchetta has this effect on pork meat eaters; it is probably the most delicious pork dish ever. I’ll show her this post!


enza ha detto...

smoked sheep?
OMG...I can't ask you to describe the taste, I suppose...

Flo ha detto...

Non hai resistitoooooooooo......
Bellissimo anche il racconto :)

natalia ha detto...

Che posso dire...e hai ancora ?

silvia ha detto...

i like pizzle's!
u are crazy mom!

Alessandra ha detto...

Smoked sheep is a traditional dish of Lamon (BL) served with Lamon Borlotti beans, usually in October during the Lamon Bean festival, and no, I cannot tell you the taste, but my Kiwi friend, who is an sheep/lamb expert, assured me that it was amazing!

La Gaia Celiaca ha detto...

ho letto ora il post precedente...
o 'un avevi detto che 'un tu l'avresti pubblicato, sto post di' WBD?

è bello scoprire che l'incoerenza alberga anche in altri lidi, e non solo a casa mia. io penso che sia ciò che mi salva dalla depressione... :-)

Alex ha detto...

The cat is under the table. You make me die!

enza ha detto...

gaia se ossi coerente sarei davvero depressa invece vivo felicemente i miei disturbi bipolari alternanti.
you make me die lost in traslation: me fai morì

terry ha detto...

Spettacolare! la prochetta nel pane...lo voglio! ottimo con il video! grazie!

zorra ha detto...

What a wonderful post. When I'm making a roast I alway have some leftover so I will try this bread soon.

Grazie per la tua partecipazione al World Bread Day.