martedì 16 ottobre 2012

WBD 2012: my children's potatoes bread

Here we are at the World Bread Day 2012.
This is one of the most sensational international food event of the year and I'm glad to partecipate.
Every year hundreds of food blogger from all over the world post all together in the same date hundreds of breads. All is due to the great effort of Zorra from Germany.
Thanks Zorra, really.

And now ladies and gentleman here I am with a crucial doubt.

Surrender or not to the packed bread for children's school snack?
Being happy mother of four fantastic little girls I've haven't so much time so I needed an effortless bread, healthy at the same time.

No fold, no triple raise, nothing please.

 Just dough, pan and oven. That's it.

And I need to be an organic mother avoiding to my girls every kind of junk. Obviously the simplier way is go to the supermarket and buy a cheap and plastic bread, but this way is the worst and unhealthy also....look to the ingredients, hydrogenated fats, sugars...a long list

In this bread, ingredient list will reduced to five in the plain type and you can choose only organic, of course.

You can leave out mashed potatoes but they'll give a chewy bread so similar to the packed one and to children taste.

This idea is based on the Focaccia Barese with a very hydrated dough and mashed potatoes in.

POTATOES BREAD (1 loaf pan or plum cake pan length 30 cm)

- 500 gr of flour (what you like, semolina mixed with all porpuse, whole flour....)
- 150 gr of mashed potatoes
- 3 tbs olive oil
- 1 teasp of salt or little bit more if you like more savory
- 300 gr o warm water
- 10 gr of fresh bakery yeast

You can choose the best way to knead: manual or mechanical.
Usually I use the microwaves oven to cook the potatoes and mash them still hot.
I add the warm puree to the other ingredients (last the salt and the olive oil!) in a bowl and
knead to obtain a very sticky dough or use the hang hook in your robot for the same result: a very very sticky dough.
Manually or not time kneading no more than 10-15 minute
Oil a bowl and let the dough raise slowly on your kitchen.
Once well raised, put the dough in a loaf pan without any additional care, yes baby you're right! You don't need fold.
Let raise again until the dough will reach pan's rim.

It doesn't matter how is time it will reach the rim, you can do hundreds of things with your, shopping, meet your friends or schoolmates, the dough will raise inspite of you!

Preheat the oven at 250°C and put the loaf in until the dough will raise again and have a gold crust.


This is a very hydrated dough but, if you like a tender and fluffy crust, gently spray on the surface of dough a little water just few seconds before put it into the oven and in the middle of cooking.
Cooking potatoes into the microwaves oven will reduce the water amount into the tuberous and will not blow salts and minerals.
I use this fantastic method for the gnocchi, too.

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Unknown ha detto...

non serve il traduttore per capire la bontà di questo panuzzu :)

Alessandra ha detto...

Very nice Enza, I am sure that you little girls loved it!

Reb ha detto...

E ci piacciono queste madri organiche :)))))))
Baci ma tanti

Saretta ha detto...

QUesto piace anche alle baimbe grandi :)

Alex ha detto...

Tocca replicare con la farina di segale ... e comprarmi il microonde.

zorra ha detto...

Your four girls have a fantastic mother who bakes fantastic breads!

Grazie per la tu partecipazione al Word Bread Day. Spero di rivederti l'anno prossimo!

PS: I am not German, I am Swiss living in Spain. ;-)))

enza ha detto...

Ops going to correct, sorry.... Zorra anyway thanks thanks thanks. I've not so much time for blogging but i can't miss this!

Aiuolik ha detto...

Passo a salutarti per ringraziarti per aver partecipato al nostro bellissimo viaggio e per ricordarti che non sarebbe stato lo stesso senza di te! Un riassunto di tutto il viaggio si trova qui:

A presto!

Edith Pilaff ha detto...

Bellissimo post!Un pane buonissimo senza complicazioni!Perdona la domanda stupidissima,mi dici come si cucinano le patate nel microonde?Devo mettere acqua?
Un salutone e complimenti!

enza ha detto...

niente acqua. lava bene le patate mettile in un piatto e fai andare alla massima potenza fino a che non sono morbide

lapiubelladitutte ha detto...

Che bontà questo pane fatto in casa!

Elena ha detto...

Buonissimo, complimenti per la ricetta!:-)
Tanti saluti dall´hotel silandro, Elena